About Us

Your Experience, Elevated

B3 Construction began providing construction services in Northern Arizona in the spring of 2009. Bob Harris III established his company in the depths of the “Great Recession”. During this difficult time, very few local employment opportunities were to be had in the construction industry. Out of necessity, Bob had to create a job for himself to provide for his family.

Fortunately, he was a recent college graduate from the Construction Management program at Northern Arizona University. He had the book smarts to start and run a construction company, but he had the heritage of being a 5th generation carpenter.

Bob has built a successful construction company that employees many local full-time craftsmen. In addition, he has forged strong relationships with local trade contractors to assist in delivering projects on time and under budget. He has developed a reputation for delivering some of the best quality, craftsmanship, and customer service in Northern Arizona.

Bob and his family have lived in Flagstaff since 1995. They take an active role in supporting local religious, civic, and scholastic activities.

B3 Construction